About Veronica German


Monmouth Liberal Democrats have selected experienced campaigner and politician, Veronica German, to contest the Monmouth constituency seat in the 2017 General Election.

Veronica has been campaigning in our area with the Lib Dems since she joined the party 30 years ago. She represented the South Wales East region in the National Assembly for Wales which includes the Monmouth constituency. As the Assembly Member for South Wales East and had the roles of the Shadow Minister for Health and Local Government and for Equalities.

She was first elected to Newport City Council in 2004 and then to Torfaen in 2008 taking the seat from Labour in both cases. 

Veronica and the Lib Dem will be listening to people across the Monmouth constituency in the next few weeks up until 8th June.  From Monmouth to Chepstow to Abergavenny to Cwmbran.

"We really want to know which issues are most important to people living in our area," said Veronica.

"We already know that people are concerned about the hard Brexit that Theresa May is determined to follow.  However, the NHS and Social Care, jobs and the economy, the environment are all areas which local people are worried about.  

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More nurses

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